About me

My name is Ivana Bednářová, I am the mother of two active boys and the wife of a wonderful, supportive man. I live in Brno, I love snowy mountains and good food, I like dancing and laugh.

I entered parenthood years ago excited and unprepared. Like most pregnant women, I didn't underestimate the preparation for the birth, but I didn't think much about what would come at home during six-week period. 

After a difficult birth, which luckily went well for me and my son, especially thanks to the care and support of my midwife, I found myself caught off guard during the six week period. The never-ending care of the baby was exhausting and I was not happy about anything. With a newborn in my arms, I had a hard time searching for information about breastfeeding and maneuvering between old stereotypes that did not add to the satisfaction of me nor my son.

I thought it was normal and everyone was like that. While searching for the causes of my son's dissatisfaction, I met friends who introduced me to the magic of contact parenting. I stopped fighting with him and started enjoying motherhood more. We finally figured out that he was allergic to cow's milk protein. Nevertheless, it took me a while to start looking forward to the next baby and process the whole experience.

My second son came quickly and easily in a non-medicated labour like happy newbon almost 4 kg of weight. The second postpartum period was much happier to. I see a big change in the fact that I learned to ask for help. I was looking forward to being around the baby much more and I didn't want to manage everything by myself anymore. 

Over time, my older son grew out of his allergy, and the experience I gained directed me to care for other women on the threshold of motherhood. I feel that it is right. If I had known then that there was such a thing as a doula or lactation consultant, I would have saved myself a lot of tears.

I would like to offer pregnant women and new mothers care and support so that they feel more confident and relaxed in their new role.

My education and courses:

2008  graduation at University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno as a Veterinary doctor (tit. MVDr.)

2015  Ph.D. graduation  (Veterinary ecology) 

2019  course for Postpartum Doulas Czech Doulas Association - Certified Postpartum Doula

2019  course of Natural breastfeeding  - breastfeeding support using newborn reflexes, Michaela Topinková Brno

2019  lecture diaper-free communication method, Matáta Brno

2019  massage course, EduSpa College

2021  basic course for lecturers for baby wearing, Z břicha na břicho, Anna Pohořálková

2021  course How to take care about women after C-section I. a II., Dagmar Ludvíčková

2021  course for breastfeeding counselors MAMILA, o.z.Certified lactation counselor

2021  training Mom's smile - psychological problems in motherhood

2021  advanced course for breastfeeding counselors MAMILA, o.z.

2021  courses Transition rituals in a woman's life, Antepartum ritual, Closing bones ritual, Jana Rosa Matulová

2022 course of traditional Russian-Slavonic massage PRAVKA Rhomb Makoš, Alisa Halfarová

2022 basic course for lecturers for baby wearing MAMILA, o.z.

2022 - present - Birth doula course Czech Doulas Association -  Birth doula student